icon_peopleWhen you start taking a medication there is a lot of information provided to you by your Doctor and your Pharmacist.

Sometimes when you are on a medication for long periods of time you may not receive information as often.

Health Literacy Australia is used by local pharmacy to fill those gaps and ensure you are kept up to date with important information about your medications and health.

When you visit a pharmacy you might not have time to discuss all the important points about your medications, prescriptions and health. By sending out letters to your home it allows you to read this information in the privacy of your own home and in your own time. No need for internet connections or smart phones. Once you have signed up simply have your scripts filled at your local pharmacy, communications will then be sent to you based on your prescription information.

If you choose at any time not to receive this information you can just inform the staff at the pharmacy.

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The letters contain information such as:

  • How your medication works
  • Information regarding your condition
  • Possible side effects to be informed about
  • Your prescription details – reminders to come back to the pharmacy when you maybe running low on medication & reminders when you may need to the your GP for new scripts so you never run out of medications

The letters will never contain advertising material, strictly only medication and health information relevant to you.

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