A pharmacy-based adherence program.

With the Health Literacy Australia adherence program, community pharmacies play the pivotal role.

In its simplest form, the program uses a personalised letter service designed specifically for Australian patients. Your patients will be sent regular letters, on your own pharmacy’s letterhead, to inform them about the medications they’re taking, as well as reminders when scripts need to be filled and appointments need to be made. Our research has shown that 72.5{9f678dda81e21d89499199dc51f2ae84dcd0a2d4d0bde7725e4f50fa38a124db} of patients actually prefer letter for this type of personalised information verses email and SMS.

The adherence program is based on the world’s largest and most successful adherence program from AdherisHealth. These AdherisHealth programs have been running for more than 20 years in the USA. Today, they capture approximately 60{9f678dda81e21d89499199dc51f2ae84dcd0a2d4d0bde7725e4f50fa38a124db} of all scripts in the United States, which equates to over 2.2 billion scripts every year. With over 30,000 pharmacies, 40 retail chains and thousands of independents across the USA involved, AdherisHealth is by far the world’s most extensive adherence program.

Health Literacy Australia is exclusively affiliated with AdherisHealth, which means we can draw upon invaluable experience to help Australian patients improve their medication adherence and increase their overall health.

While Health Literacy Australia mirrors the AdherisHealth multi-touch-point framework, it’s tailored to the Australian market. By creating a robust community pharmacy adherence program, Health Literacy Australia is aiming to improve medication knowledge for the betterment of thousands of Australians.

The program is designed to fit in with what we do in pharmacy, supporting the dispensing process. You don’t have to do anything extra to help your patients. Once you’ve signed up, the Health Literacy Australia using our simple patient portal there are no further actions. Even our consent process is streamlined.

How it works:

  • Patients visit their pharmacy and get their prescription filled. On collection of their prescription the patient consents to receive additional healthcare information from the new HLA program.
  • The pharmacist then enrols the patient into the easy to use HLA program using the web portal provided
  • Health Literacy accesses prescription records and prepares relevant communications to send to patients.*
  • Patients then receive a mailed welcome letter from their community pharmacy, explaining the benefits of the service.
  • Patients continue to receive letters timed to their prescription refill behaviour, further encouraging patients to stay on their medication.

*Health Literacy Australia utilises the NostraData

The Health Literacy Australia program has been designed to comply with all Australian privacy regulations.

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